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SUP Gladiator Race Fins are some of the best fins you can possibly buy.  There are 6 different production models, which cover any board and condition you can throw at them.

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Please email if you have questions about color availability.  Our typical stock color is some variation of Black or Gray, but that varies some times, due to stock on hand.

Here are some short descriptions of our current models and their intended uses

Gladiator Elite – 9”


Gladiator Elite Fin

  • Maximum Stability
  • Maximum Tracking
  • Available in Fiberglass, Carbon/Honeycomb, and Honeycomb constructions
  • Best for touring, Yoga, or open ocean conditions

If tracking and stability are your top priorities, look no further.  This fin will keep you going straight and help you stay upright.  The SUP Gladiator Elite Fin offers some of the best tracking and stability of any fin on the market.  This fin is also a great choice for touring and Yoga, as it provides a very stable platform


Gladiator Hybrid – 8.5” 

Gladiator Hybrid Fin

  • Excellent Stability
  • Excellent Tracking
  • Weed Resistant
  • Excellent mix of speed and tracking
  • Available in Fiberglass, Full Carbon, Carbon/Honeycomb, and Honeycomb constructions
  • Excellent choice for touring, Yoga, rough water, or Multi-condition races

This is our most popular selling fin for a reason.  It offers an excellent blend of tracking, stability, maneuverability, and weed shedding.  If you are looking for a single fin that can handle all conditions, this is the fin for you.


Gladiator Fury – 7.8”

Gladiator Fury Fin

  • Excellent Tracking
  • Good Stability
  • Good maneuverability
  • Weed Resistant
  • The perfect blend of big fin tracking with small fin speed and maneuverability
  • Available in Fiberglass, Full Carbon, Carbon/Honeycomb, and Honeycomb constructions
  • Excellent choice for flat water, rough water, course races, surf races, and sprint races

This new fin is quickly challenging the Hybrid for the top seller spot in our lineup.  This fin is giving our customers the tracking of a big fin, with the lower drag profile and higher speeds of a smaller fin.  It performs well in every condition we have thrown at it.  Our team riders are using it in everything from Surf Races, with lots of buoy turns, to flat water and sprint races.  As one person called it, “it’s the Goldilocks fin.  Not too big, not too small.”


Gladiator Pro Model – 7.25”

Gladiator Pro Model

  • Low drag
  • Excellent Speed
  • Great Tracking for a fin this size
  • Fantastic Maneuverability
  • Excellent Weed Shedding
  • Excellent choice for flat water, sprint races, course races, surf races, and down-winders

This fin was designed in conjunction with our Pro Race Team.  They were looking for a fin that delivered great tracking and maneuverability in a small, low drag profile.  Mission accomplished!   This is the fin of choice for the majority of our team riders, and an excellent choice for elite racers everywhere.  It works really well in flat water races, course races with lots of buoy turns, or races in and out of the surf.


Gladiator Rage Fin – 6.75″

Gladiator Rage Fin

Skill level – Expert for SUP, Beginner to Expert Prone

This fin sits between the Rojas and the Pro Model in size.  It has been field tested by Garrett Fletcher all season long, and he has been on a complete tear, winning and/or podium in almost every race he has entered this year.  This fin has excellent tracking for a small fin, and because of its small size, the drag is almost non-existent.  The fin is 6.75″ tall.  It is good for races with lots buoy turns, surf races, flat water, and in some cases sprint races.  Because this fin is on the smaller size, we recommend this for people who are expert level (SUP), as it does not possess the same tracking or stability characteristics as our larger fins. For Prone/Traditional Paddlers, this fin can be used from beginner all the way up to expert level.


Gladiator Rojas Fin – 6.25″

Gladiator Rojas Fins

Skill level – Expert for SUP, Intermediate to Expert Prone

This is the signature fin of Rob Rojas of San Clemente Ca.  Rob won the BOP Distance Race this year as well as several races at Lake Tahoe on this fin.  He even shattered some course and lap records along the way.  Rob uses this fin on both his unlimited boards and his prone paddle boards.  It is an ideal fin for both of those applications, where most SUP fins are too big, creating an “over finned” feeling, which some people refer to as “drag.”  We have other team riders, who also ride this fin with their 14′ boards under certain flat water conditions.  With its diminutive size, it offers the best top-end speed of any our fins.  While it doesn’t track as well as its big brothers, the design template with the large top section, make it track as good or better than many fins 1-2″ larger.  If that’s not enough, Shane Perrin recently set the Guinness World Record on his Rojas Gladiator Fin, when he completed 101 Miles in 24 Hours.

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To purchase a fin please go here


 Customer Feedback

“Got my Gladiator Hybrid fins yesterday, used It on a new board today in Huntington Harbor and it tracked insane and bouy turned in a snap!!
Thanks Larry this one’s a winner!” Bill Kho – Dana Point

“Larry the Gladiator kicked ass yesterday. Conditions were flat with a 10 kt wind very little current. Took 1st place in the elite 50 plus yea I know the other 50 plus racers were slowed down by their O2 tanks! Also forgot to tell you about what happened at the GCSUPC two weeks ago. Somewhere along the race course in the Gulf Coast… SUP Championship I hit something and lost the plate and screw. Finished the 9.2 mile race placed 5th in the elite 50 plus men div. drove back to NC and trained for a week before I realized I had lost it. THE FIN HAD NOT MOVED! Maybe I should ran race without a plate and screw more often:).” William Pope – Wilmington NC

“Hey Casey – Got the fins today. The water on Puget Sound was like glass today. … Took them out and found they track ten times better than the original fin. No more having to correct direction every five to six strokes.  With the new fin, you can concentrate on your stroke and not worry about keeping on track. The fin makes a huge difference and it makes me wonder why the Bark Dominator didn’t come with that fin in the first place.  Well worth the price. BTW – the fin design is really cool looking.” Remick Merry – Seattle Washington

“Casey the fin was amazing! Straight line paddling and very easy to corner. Not to mention it stabilized the board more. Its the perfect fin for this board.” Chris Stephan – Florida

” This fin works better than it looks!! It stabilizes the board, and the scallops in the back allow it to break loose in the corners. Another piece of functional art. Hand made in the USA!” Chris Stephan to Larry

“Larry, ran the Gladiator on Sat at the GCSUPC.  Cut 20 mins off my time from last year!”  William Pope- North Carolina

“I just wanted to put my $.02 in about the Gladiator fin that started the thread… the tracking on the Gladiator is a great improvement over the downwind specific fin (Ninja) I was using before. I am able to keep my line much better than before with a cross wind and/or a head wind. For paddling in conditions with constant wind change, the Gladiator is a great choice, especially since it won’t get caught up on river weed as well… also, since we don’t battle a lot of side current here (Austin) the more surface area isn’t a problem…Great fin all around!” David Bain – Austin

“I require two things of my fins… good tracking and good weed-shedding. Anything beyond that is extra. These fins make my boards track better than any other I’ve used. If I’m changing sides less, and dragging less salad, then I’m going faster.” Beau Whitehead – Seattle

“First I’m a firm believer in Larry’s race fins after getting the Becker but then he sent me the Gladiator fin and everything changed. The fin still has the tracking power of a keel but is much looser and to me the best part of the fin is how it made the board ( 14′ Bark Dominator ) seem alive. What I mean is with the straight keel the board tracked well but felt like it was glued to the water and stuck in a rut but with the Gladiator fin it feels like the board has life. I’m able to adjust without much effort and going downwind it felt like surfing again with the ability to move the board around to adjust for the bumps. The larger of the the Gladiator fins (Gladiator Elite) is great in side chop because of its depth keeping the board from being blown around, such a great design can’t wait to get my hands on the small version (Hybrid).” Chris Hill North Carolina

6 thoughts on “SUP Gladiator Fins

  1. Ernie

    Question on fin selection. 140 lbs, East coast

    1) 14′ Naish Javelin LE (23″ wide) – best fin for rough water/Carolina Classic Graveyard – lots of chop, cross, etc.

    2) 14′ Naish Javelin LE (23″ wide) – best fin for flatwater races

    3) 14′ Bark Dominator – I have a John Becker by Larry Allison race fin. Any advice on a fin for flatwater? Is there a better ocean fin you’d recommend? I have not tried the Becker fin on my Javelin.

    Thanks! Trying to get the most versatile quiver with the existing Naish stock fin and Becker plus 1-2 (?) new fins.

    1. supracefins Post author

      If you were to buy just one fine, I would recommend a Gladiator Hybrid. It is ideal for most condition, especially the Graveyard, where you are in both flatwater and Open Ocean. It extremely versatile. If you could get two fins, I would get a Pro Model for your flatwater paddles, and either an Elite or a Hybrid for the moderate to rough conditions. Which one would be determined by how tippy you find your current board. If you are pretty stable, get the Hybrid. If you find you are pretty tippy or would like some additional stability, get the Elite.


      1. Ernie Ward

        Thanks! So you’d recommend the Gladiator Elite over a Ninja for a 14′ Naish Javelin LE (23″) in flatwater?

        1. supracefins Post author

          As long as stability is not a problem, I prefer the Pro for Flat Water. The other variable would be tail rocker. If you feel that board has a fair amount of tail rocker, you might go with a deeper fin, such as the Ninja.


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